Case Study: Envirocup, Environmentally Friendly Cups

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Envirocup: Ridding events of plastic cups

The Envirocup story started in 2014, when the Birmingham-based metal pressing company AP Smith were approached about the idea of creating a stainless steel cup that could replace the plastic cups typically used at outdoor events. It took a while to solve the technical issues, not least how to use a food grade oil in the manufacturing and there were birthing pains due to a distributor going bust, but 2017 saw the delivery of the first batch of 100 cups.


Why is Envirocup sustainable?

At first glance you may question why a stainless steel cup is more sustainable than plastic, however there are a number of advantages:

  • The cup is toxic-free, odourless, hygienic and has natural anti-bacterial properties

  • Because it's so durable (and frankly very 'cool') it has a very high level of re-use

  • It's made from 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable (stainless steel is essentially endlessly recyclable)


What's in it for Event Go-ers?

Envirocup makes for a really useful accessory during an event, and a really cool souvenir after the events. The great thing about it, is it's durability. It can handle a few knocks, in-fact a dent or two probably adds to the cool-factor.

The lanyard, carabiner and clip accessories are really practical and most importantly event go-ers can quench their thirst without adding to the mountain of landfill.

What do Event Organisers get out of it?

Consumers increasingly expect companies and organisation to do their bit to help the environment. In particular there has been a big backlash against single use plastic. Envirocup helps event organisers to demonstrate their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their event.

It's also brandable and sells for roughly the price of a pint of beer so it makes a nice souvenir that the organiser can sell. Or it's durable enough to be collected back, washed and re-used.


How are APS benefiting?

Envirocup has created a whole new product line and revenue stream. Since it's launch sales have grown rapidly year on year as the word has spread. Envirocup is particularly making a name for itself at music festivals as the stainless steel construction, accessories such as lanyards and carabiners and customisable branding make it robust enough to last the weekend and be taken home as a souvenir. Envirocup sold more units in the first 6 months of 2019 than the whole of 2018 and this year pulled of the coup of being sold at Wimbledon. They're now investigating new opportunities such as corporate gifts, stag/hen Parties, weddings etc.