Level 3: Sustainable Business Strategy

Our strategic recommendations for the next stage of your journey

Start with Why?

Before looking at your business, I want to understand your motivation.

Every company on the planet knows WHAT they do
Some companies know HOW they do it
Very few know WHY they do it

And yet we now know that people make decisions at a raw emotional level…then they use facts to post-rationalise that decision.

So in other words people don’t buy WHAT you do…they buy WHY you do it!

What is the why at the heart of your organisation? Why do you do what you do?

This is what the management guru Simon Sinek calls the “Golden Circle”

Understand trends & needs

After completing a sustainable business audit and site survey we will run a 2-day workshop with key stakeholders in your business.

We start by reviewing the market, industry, economic and social trends that matter to you business and your customers.

Always keeping an eye out for the potential market disrupters.



Understand your customers' needs

We develop a clear understanding of your customers’ needs

  • The jobs they need to get done
  • The pains that the current solutions generate
  • Potential gains that a new solution might create

Brand Promise

We understand the promise you make (whether explicitly or implicitly) to your customers

Investigate Sustainable Opportunities

We investigate where the sustainable opportunities may lie in your business, market sector & industry.

Strategic recommendations

We outline a set of strategic recommendations for how you might develop a new business model using the framework of sustainability.

This may include

  • Developing a new customer value proposition
  • Developing a new business model using the framework of sustainability
  • Suggested sustainable metrics and targets
  • Supplier sustainability program
  • Change management plan