Level 4: Sustainable Business Re-Model

Re-model your business to drive growth, innovation & passion

9-16 week program

The program typically consists of 4 workshop sessions over a 9-16 week period, at the end of which we will have generated the following deliverables

  • Documentation of Current Business Model and Value Proposition
  • Market tested new Sustainable Business Model and Value Proposition(s)
  • Brand Promise
  • Business Goals
  • Business Change Assessment
  • Action Plan​

Trends, needs & opportunities

We start by reviewing the market, industry, economic and social trends that matter to you business and your customers. Always keeping an eye out for the potential market disrupters.

We develop a clear understanding of your customers’ needs

We investigate where the sustainable opportunities may lie in your business, market sector & industry.

And we bring it all together to ensure that it aligns with your values.

Develop compelling value proposition

We then work with you to create a compelling value proposition that:

  • creates a bundle of products and services that helps your customers get their jobs done
  • relieves their pains and creates new gains
  • responds to the most important trends and builds-in the sustainable opportunities that matter to your customers

We may create more than one value proposition to test later.

Prototype, test & refine business model

We prototype potential new business models using a collaborative online toolkit that allows us to:

  • rapidly prototype different options
  • create hypotheses and test them with your customers
  • refine the model then test again
  • ​ensure all elements of your business work together
  • see the impact on your profit and your sustainability impacts




New Brand Promise

We help you develop a new Brand Promise that embodies your new value proposition and commitment to sustainability.




Change Management Plan

We assess your organisation's readiness to change, using the Prosci ADKAR model, and help you create a change management plan to ensure it becomes embedded effectively in your business