The future is sustainable...are you ready?

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The future is sustainable...are you ready?

Our current economic model assumes that there is a limitless supply of resources that just need to be extracted, processed and delivered to us. We make these into things and sell them to consumers who use them, throw them away and buy more things.

The problem is that resources of all kinds; physical, intellectual and human are becoming scarcer and more expensive. This is becoming increasingly evident in many ways, from rising oil prices and rising sea levels, through big business paying over the odds for tech start-ups, to the difficulty of recruiting the right people.

We need a new economic model to address this problem. One in which all our resources will be renewed, reused or recycled, with nothing going to waste. Fortunately, it’s already here, it’s called the Circular Economy and the businesses that embrace it now will be the market leaders of the future.

Ready to renew your business and build the new economy?


In the circular economy, the businesses that flourish will be the ones that go beyond corporate citizenship to embrace sustainability at the core of our commercial strategies.​​

This means developing new business models that re-use or renew the precious resources we have and that taken together will create a new operating system for our economy…the circular economy.




Ready to flourish by embracing the sustainable future?

I believe that Sustainability presents the most exciting entrepreneurial opportunity of the 21st century. Why?  

  • It’s an opportunity for agile businesses to out-innovate their competitors, to reinvent industries, to create new types of business partnerships and to turn the existing order on its head.
  • It’s an engine for generating step change growth.
  • It’s a platform for securing the future for our kid’s generation.
  • It’s the vital life-force you need to make your business flourish in a world of increasingly scarce resources. Now and for the next generation!