What is Sustainable Business?

What is Sustainable Business?

The latest thinking is that for a business to be truly sustainable, in all senses of the word, 3 key outcomes need to be balanced:

  • The Environmental Impacts (looking after the world and its resources)
  • The Social Impacts (looking after everyone affected by your business and products - employees, customers, suppliers and the general public)
  • The Economic Results (making a fair profit and helping to create an economy that works)

Approaches based on reducing Carbon footprint, Zero Waste or Plastic reduction can be unbalanced. Although the actions driven may be really worthwhile, they only focus on one element of sustainable business, and so may miss a wealth of opportunities to do good, as well as reduce harm.

Sustainable Business is a continuous, dynamic design process that approaches the whole business as an integrated system

In other words, it’s about continually looking after Planet, People and Profit.

“It’s not about ‘saving’ the planet but about learning to thrive on it!”

Michael Braungart / William McDonough
Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the way we make things


What sustainable opportunities are there?

There are a wealth of opportunities throughout your business to improve your sustainability outcomes whilst improving your profit. Some of the opportunities that we can you help find are described below.

What is a sustainable business model?

A Sustainable Business Model places equal value on Profit, Planet and People.

It involves designing your business as a complete system to ensure that the way you make money also delivers your environmental and social goals.