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Net Zero Roadmap

Step 3 of the Road To Net Zero programme helps you build and publish a roadmap for your journey to Net Zero; describing the route, the associated risks, and the support systems needed to successfully transition. This will lay out a detailed “itinerary” for your journey, enabling you to select a considered Net Zero date and make a credible commitment.

What is Net Zero?

Since COP26 in 2021, "Net Zero" Emissions has become the “gold standard” commitment for businesses that want to take climate action seriously.

A credible Net Zero commitment is one that is aligned with the UN (and UK Government) goal of halting additional greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest and limiting global warming to 1.5C. In practice this means promising to keep reducing your emissions until they are as close to zero as possible and then neutralising (or “offsetting”) the emissions that remain by removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Explanation of Net Zero emissions for business

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Set credible Net Zero target(s)

We help you to set one or more targets for achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions aligned with the scientific consensus on the level of reduction required to limit global warming to 1.5C.

Validate Targets

We help you identify all the projects that you will need to complete to achieve Net Zero and the likely carbon saving from each one.

Then we add to that the impacts of expected changes in your industry sector and wider society (such as decarbonisation of the national grid) and the impacts of your business strategy between your baseline and your target Net Zero date.

We estimate the impact of all these and compare it against your target reduction trajectory to validate that your Net Zero date is achievable and credible.

Net Zero Roadmap

A Net Zero Roadmap identifies the key programmes of work needed for your business to achieve net zero. Within each programme it identifies the key projects that will be needed and the time period over which they will be run. It is not a detailed action plan, but it has enough detail to show that you understand the things your business will need to do to achieve the reduction needed.

It typically takes place over a number of years and is very useful for identifying the new technologies your business will need to develop or purchase to achieve Net Zero.

Example roadmap

Wider implications of Net Zero transition

We also help you consider the wider implications of the Net Zero transition on your business and society including elements such as:

  • Climate related risk assessment.

  • Resources and investments required for key programmes of work.
  • Governance structure and policies required to ensure transition.
  • Fair treatment of communities, workers and consumers affected by changes.
  • Alignment of marketing, lobbying and policy engagement activities.

Annual carbon budget

Once you have created your roadmap we help you create a carbon budget for each year of your roadmap to help you manage your emissions and understand the target for your annual action planning.

A carbon budget simply states the total amount of emissions you intend to emit each year of your roadmap. or to put it another way, the total amount of emissions you can afford to emit each year if you are to achieve your net zero commitment date.


Once you have created your Net Zero Roadmap you can qualify for Step 3 in the "Road to Net Zero" certification programme.

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