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Supplier Carbon Reduction Programme

Our fully managed programme designed to help you engage your suppliers in your journey to Net Zero.

It will help you to:

ü Give your suppliers a practical solution to help them measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

ü Collect carbon footprint data from your suppliers on an annual basis to improve your own carbon reporting.

Our process


We help you select which specific suppliers you aim to enage. This may include conducting a supplier screening based on what you spend with them, and ranking each supplier according to their contribution to your carbon footprint.


We help you to create an engagement plan for each supplier based on the ADKAR™ change-management methodology.

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We help you tell a clear story to your suppliers about your plan and your own carbon journey, and discover where your suppliers are on their carbon journey.


Create an engagement plan for each supplier based on an established change-management methodology.


What does it cost to setup a Supplier Carbon Reduction programme?

The Go Climate Positive programme is designed to be affordable for businesses of all sizes, whatever sector you operate in. Click here for full pricing details.

Should we switch suppliers or engage them in carbon reduction?

The first step to decarbonising you supply-chain is to estimate the Scope 3 emissions from the goods and services you purchase from each supplier, using average carbon intensity factors. If you have not already done this then we will need to do a supplier screening based on what you spend with them.

Armed with a clear understanding of your supply-chain emissions, you can rank your suppliers in terms of their contribution to your carbon footprint. We recommend selecting your key suppliers (the ones that represent 60-80% of your supply-chain emissions) for the 1st round of the programme.

Once you have identified your key suppliers, you have two choices:

  1. You can engage your existing suppliers, to help them decarbonise
  2. Or you can switch suppliers to those that are already or willing to decarbonise

Our programme provides the tools you need to identify which is the appropriate strategy for each supplier, but it is primarily focused on engaging your existing supply-chain on the assumption that in most cases, you would prefer to retain your trusted suppliers, who deliver what your business needs, rather than be forced to switch to new suppliers. Also, by helping your existing suppliers to start their carbon journey, you will be helping to speed up the global transition towards Net Zero. Only if they prove unwilling to engage, would we recommend considering switching to a new supplier.

Next steps

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