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Communicate with your suppliers

Before asking you suppliers to do anything, it's important to tell them about your carbon journey, your plan and why it's important to you. It's also important to discover where your suppliers are on their carbon journey, so that you can enage with them appropriately.

1. Share your goals

First, we help you tell a clear story to your suppliers about your plan and your own carbon journey:

ü Why carbon reduction/net zero matters to you
ü What you have committed to achieve (targets)
ü Where you are now on your journey
ü What contribution they make to your carbon footprint
ü Why are you asking them for help
ü What happens next – explain the steps of the programme
ü Reassure them that your goal is to work with them

2. Supplier Survey

Then we survey them to discover exactly where they are in their carbon journey, to feed into your Supplier Engagement Plan.

Some of the questions we ask:
  • Have they calculated their emissions?
  • What methodologies have been used?
  • Has the calculation been independently verified?
  • Have reduction targets been set?
  • What reductions/ removals have been made?
  • Are they willing to report their emissions?

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