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Membership Levels

We have 3 levels of membership that reflect the level of commitment you are ready for:


When you are ready to take your carbon footprint seriously, this option is for you.


ü  Carbon footprint calculation

ü  Target setting and action planning

ü  Verified carbon offsetting

ü  Certification

ü  Members portal and events

ü  Carbon Reduction Plan included

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Responsible - pay yearly

Responsible - pay monthly 


Our recommended 

option when you are 

determined to take action.


ü  Everything in “Responsible”

ü  Stakeholder engagement plan

ü  Quarterly progress reviews

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Accountable - pay yearly

Accountable - pay monthly 

Net Zero

This is the option when you want to make a credible “net zero” commitment.


ü  Everything in “Accountable”

ü  Net zero roadmap creation

ü  Annual carbon budgeting

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Net Zero - pay yearly

Net Zero - pay monthly 

Start-ups and new businesses

Are you a start-up business or less than 3 years old? We have a membership just for you.

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What is included in your membership?

Responsible membership

This level of membership includes the core elements you need to make a start on your low-carbon journey;


First we calculate your carbon footprint properly, including all the activities your business does that emit greenhouse gases, across 18 categories of activity.


We help you to set sensible targets to reduce your footprint, that are in line with the latest scientific thinking on climate change, and to create a practical action plan to get there.


If you want to go Carbon Neutral, we help you offset what you can’t yet reduce by buying and retiring carbon credits on your behalf, using independently verified credits.


We issue your badge for the year and create your certification page so that you can show people that your commitment is real.


We support you through the year, encouraging you to stay on track, giving tips and advice and putting you in touch with other members on the same journey.

Go Positive

You Go Positive by helping others to reduce their footprint through:

  • Reusing or recycling materials and products
  • Developing and selling low-carbon products
  • Helping suppliers or customers to reduce their emissions
  • Introducing other businesses to the community

Carbon Reduction Plans

If you need a carbon reduction plan to PPN 06/21 we will write a compliant plan for you at no extra cost.

Read more about carbon reduction plans to PPN 06/21

Accountable membership

This is our recommended option for most businesses. It includes all of the elements in the "Responsible membership" and gives you additional support to help you stay accountable for delivering your action plan.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Failing to properly involve your stakeholders is one of the most common reasons for plans going awry. The commitment to a low-carbon future, and to delivering year-on-year reductions in greenhouse gas emissions requires everyone involved in the business to get involved. Everyone, including the shareholders, business management, employees, suppliers and customers needs to be pulling in the same direction. Our stakeholder engagement planning will help you identify which stakeholders are critical to the delivery of each of the actions in your plan and help you ensure they are fully supportive and involved.

Quarterly Progress Reviews

The best way to ensure you deliver your action plan is to review it regularly. Our quarterly review will help you identify which of your plans are on track to deliver and which ones are not, and will help you put corrective actions in place to ensure that you keep your commitments to reducing your emissions.

Net Zero membership

Many businesses are starting to increase their carbon reduction ambitions to make a commitment to achieve Net Zero emissions. This means that they have promised to keep reducing all their emissions until they are as close to zero as possible and then offset (or balance) their remaining emissions by removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

If you want to make a credible commitment to net zero you need to know how you will get there. Simply plucking a date out of the air will leave you exposed to accusations of greenwashing, unless you are able to lay out a credible plan to achieve it.

Our Net Zero membership is designed for those businesses that want to make a serious commitment to Net Zero emissions by creating a credible, practical, science-based roadmap explaining how you will get there.

Net Zero Roadmap

A Net Zero Roadmap identifies the key programmes of work needed for your business to achieve net zero. Within each programme it identifies the key projects that will be needed and the time period over which they will be run. It is not a detailed action plan, but it has enough detail to show that you understand the things your business will need to do to achieve the reduction needed.

It typically takes place over a number of years and is very useful for identifying the new technologies your business will need to develop or purchase to achieve Net Zero.

Example roadmap

Annual carbon budget

Once you have created your roadmap we help you create a carbon budget for each year of your roadmap to help you manage your emissions and understand the target for your annual action planning.

A carbon budget simply states the total amount of emissions you intend to emit each year of your roadmap. or to put it another way, the total amount of emissions you can afford to emit each year if you are to achieve your net zero commitment date.

Read more about our net zero roadmaps

What happens next?

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Your membership fee depends on the membership level you choose, the size and complexity of your organisation and whether you choose to pay annually or monthly. Whichever combination you choose it is a single membership fee that includes all your chosen services. The only additional costs will be if you decide to offset your emissions to go Carbon Neutral. This is because we don't know how much you need to offset until we do your calculation.

Yearly payment option

Monthly payment option

All fees will have 20% VAT added.


We have carefully put together a managed portfolio of projects that allows you to manage the cost of offsetting whilst also delivering additional social and environmental benefits beyond carbon savings. Our portfolio includes a mix of carbon credits and tree planting.

Carbon Offsetting

Price per tonne of CO2e

Carbon Credit with Tree Planting |

Standard Portfolio

£25 (no VAT)

(£30 to non members)

Click here for more details on our offsetting portfolio

Next steps

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